Why bisexual dating attract so many people?

Mar 19, 2018 | Bi3sum.com

There are a lot of misconceptions when comes to dating bisexual men and women. More often than not, this orientation is mistakenly classified among straight or gay – or even as being pansexual. There is a thin line though that divides bisexuality and pansexuality, which is another context to be explained further.

Most people find dating bisexual men and women to be extremely strange; the most common misconception is that people dating someone who is bisexual will usually end up being cheated or replaced by the opposite or same sex. There is also this misconception that bisexuality leads to being polygamous.

But most recent research studies have found that dating men who are bisexual and who are more comfortable being out in the world are usually better in bed and harbors a more caring and loving long term relationship. Women who took part in the study also admitted that they are never going back to dating straight men as straight men carries more emotional baggage.

With all the misconceptions of society along with dealing with norms, most people still find dating bisexual men and women as attractive. Bisexuality do not just base on gender roles when dating people. What most people don't know is that when dating a bisexual men or women, they are dating you for you and not just your genitals, per se. Straight people usually question negative aspects of masculine character such as aggression, especially among men. Dating straight men and women has more disadvantage that dating bisexual men and women.

Being bisexual has nothing to do with how you feel about dating straight people. That said alone gives you the most vivid idea that it is more attractive to date bisexual individuals as they usually explore their feelings in a more open and genuine way. You have to take note that even with the misconception that bisexual people are cheaters, they are more straightforward with what they want and has a more stable emotional state.

Although some people who are closeted with the norms say that bisexual men and women aren't dating material dating someone who has more insight about sexuality and knows the difference between being bisexual, transgender and queer is a different story. There are still those that might view dating bisexual people as absurd but this is most probably because of the fact that they aren't open to dating at all. Being attracted to bisexual men and women can be a great thing –especially if you are open to a growth in a relationship.